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We are proud to be a small video production team with a big imagination. Our team specializes in crafting elegant and captivating visual stories for the hospitality industry. 

Our passion lies in turning your business into a captivating narrative, where every frame is a work of art. We believe in the enduring power of beauty and storytelling.

Working with Vessel Media means partnering with a team that is enthusiastic, professional, and has genuine joy for what we do; taking pride in making our client's process enjoyable.


The Founder

Hey! I'm Tyler. I've been in video production for over a decade but founded Vessel Media in 2017. When the pandemic hit, I took that as an opportunity to move my business into what I am most passionate about: hospitality. 

As an avid traveler, I found fascination in the stories every hotel, restaurant, and city had to offer. Each experience was different from the next. But I noticed these stories weren't being shared properly. Daily, these properties were letting beautiful moments pass and not sharing them with their audience. I dedicated myself and my team to being the vessel to carry those from property to webpage.

Outside of Vessel Media, you can find me traveling around with my wife and teaching some video/content skills online. I love what I do so you won't find me far from my workplace at any time.

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